Porsche Design's $2500 Smartphone Is A Tarted Up BlackBerry Z10

What's the most you'd ever pay for a phone? I'd venture a guess and say probably $1000 given the amount of iPhone 5s devices I see getting about. How would you like to pay over $2500 for a crap smartphone you could just pay under $400 for? Meet the Porsche Design P'9982.

Luxury smartphones are for people with more money than sense, as the Porsche Design phones of the world will tell you.

Just like the nonsense P'9981 before it, the newest atrocity from Porsche Design is a BlackBerry Z10 that has been tarted up within an inch of its life.

New off the shelf, the Z10 will cost you $339.95, while the new Porsche Design P'9981 will cost you £1500 from Harrods. That's $2567. So what do you get for your money?

You get a gawdy brushed aluminium Porsche Design look, BlackBerry 10.2 OS, an "exclusive" BlackBerry PIN and an Italian-leather rear panel. Inside the handset, everything is the same as the BlackBerry Z10 — a phone that came out last generation.


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