Play Frankenstein With These Radical Toy Blocks

If you were like me, you immediately switched the heads of your Barbies or Lego figurines the moment you wrestled them out of the packaging. The new People Blocks by artist Andy Rementer reward our customisable toy fantasies with these hand-painted, rearrangeable wooden blocks.

Rementer is known for his cast of illustrated characters. Now he’s brought these personalities to life in 3D, while still retaining his signature illustration style — right down to their priceless expressions. With their bright colours and snazzy patterns, they echo famous mid-century designer Alexander Girard’s wooden dolls, but with a much more playful vibe and a somewhat 1980s wardrobe (are those parachute pants?).

They’re cute enough on their own but the key to their irresistibility is their simple interactivity. Stacking them into totem poles or abstract sculptures creates the ultimate conversation piece on your coffee table or bookshelf. I think I would probably rearrange these things every single day. I’m just itching to see a duck’s head on that woman’s body, aren’t you? [Case Studyo]