Pharrell Made Joy-Filled 24-Hour Music Video For 'Happy'

Pharrell Made a Joy-Filled 24-Hour Music Video For

Earlier this week, Bob Dylan graced us with an interactive music video for "Like a Rolling Stone" that featured more than a hundred faux cable channels you could click through. Today, the seemingly omnipresent Pharrell is giving you another reason to love music videos yet again, with a 24-hour vid for the song "Happy".

It is quite delightful. You can click around the clock to see various participants frolicking around to the funky, dancey track. (Keep an eye out for Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, the Odd Future crew around 5pm). Literally 24 hours worth of video can be looped over and over. Every few minutes you get a different dancer or two, with Pharrell popping back up every hour in everywhere from a bowling alley to a school to a church.

The video was actually filmed in six four-hour segments, which you can see over at Nah Right in all their glory. The song is absolutely infectious, and if watching this video doesn't make you want join in and start dancing, you're probably not watching the same thing. [24HoursofHappy h/t @emmacargo]

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