Report: Google Glass Is About To Get More Musical

According to a report by the New York Times, Google is about to announce a rich new set of musical features for Glass which will provide a better audio experience for those who choose to wear the devices.

The paper explains that Glass will soon allow users to search for songs, scan through saved playlists and choose songs by simply barking “listen to”. Powered by Play Music, it will allow the wearer to stream their own music, or access other playlists and song recommendations on the cloud.

To make the most of the new features, the paper claims that Google will also start selling a new set of stereo earbuds for Glass. Currently you only get a single mono earbud with the device, but from next month $US85 will apparently secure a nice new stereo pair.

Certainly, there’s a convenience in not having to whip out a smartphone every time you need to change a track, and presumably that’s what Google is hoping to leverage. For now, the paper claims, the device will only support Google’s music services — but it also adds that others are expected to be introduced over time. It may be that third party apps can make the new functionality even more compelling. [NYT]