Nexus 5 Comes To Telstra On Contract [Updated]

The Nexus 5 is an awesome phone, but sometimes you don't want to pay between $400 and $500 up front for a decent handset. If you're a contract kind of person, Telstra will offer Google's new Nexus handset on contract over 24 months, but be warned, it comes with a small catch.

Telstra will offer the Nexus 5 starting on a $60 Everyday Connect plan, which includes $600 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data on a 24 month contract.

The Nexus 5 on said plan will cost an extra $9 per month on the 24 month contract.

The only catch here, besides the fact that it's a contract, is in regards to sweet new Android software going forward.

Update: An earlier version of this story said that Telstra would test the software updates Google distributed for Nexus devices before they'd go live on the network. Telstra has since got in touch to tell us that's not entirely accurate.

Telstra it in fact will have Google push updates to its users on the search giant's schedule. The telco will test software updates as its users get them to "provide feedback to Google", but it won't tie it up before it goes live is the point.

That seems more than a little curious, as Telstra would be left not being able to put the genie back in the bottle if it finds that a software update pushed to users was causing issues. That's why it tests stuff in the first place.

We're clarifying a potential response to this scenario with Telstra right now.

Those who pre-order online from Telstra before 26 November will score $100 in free Google Play credit (in the form of Gift Cards). That's a pretty sweet deal! [Telstra]



    Ahhhh Telstra, the sh*t stain that just doesn't go away and gets more annoying with time.

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      This is something I will never understand, people have so much hate for something that can truly just be ignored. I live in an area where Telstra is the only option and people love to bitch out here, but the reality is if it is so bad come up with a kick start company or start coupling plastic cups together with string. The reality is that it 100% your choice to go with them and if you do you can't blame anybody for the high charges you are likely to receive, it isn't exactly a well kept secret that Telstra is expensive.

        Optus cable is not available in my block of units due to how telstra configured it. I could have gone with optus otherwise. i went with telstra ($130.00 a month) and found out i have latency spikes which makes game unplayable. a month and a half later, 4 techs (one cost $120) 45 phone calls to telstra support and complaints resolution and worst part, dealing with indians that dont know know anything about ping.

        The reps saw their was a big issue but said ita most likely the exchange, my conplaints officer has tried 4 times to get a level 2 out to the exchange and every time they send a level 1 to my house that i have to send away. Even she was getting frustrated. ive been sworn at, hung up on and spoken down to by nearly every one of the reps because they "dont normally come across this issue".

        To cap it off, when applying to the service, i asked why it takes them so long to get a tech out the exchange to hook up other isps like IInet and Internode and his reply? " because we own the lines and deal with it when we feel like it". My issue is still not resolved and yes your right, i dont "have" to go with them but I want to enjoy what most people around the world do. I hate Telstra because they know this and take adavantage of it for no reason other then profit.

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          My name is Jamie Phillips I actually work for Telstra, if you would like to email me your account details at [email protected], I would love to forward your information and situation to one of the area managers.

          The fact that you are receiving inappropriate support is not unheard of, I too personally dislike having to call up. As for the consultant who told you that Telstra does it in its own time, let me assure you this isn't the case there is actually a strict guide line Telstra follows on its whole sale business, can you tell me whether you were told this over the phone or in store in the email.


    It's actually not a bad deal, you're only paying an extra 30 or so dollars to have it on a plan. $456 bucks for a 16gb for 24 months, instead of 418 or whatever I paid for it outright.

    Of course the first thing you'd do would be root and install the standard google ROM and avoid anything that Telstra has done.

    But plans are crap, they really are, unless you're really poor and can't save enough to buy it outright, I'd definitely avoid this. 69 a month for 2 years for the S plan, when you could just buy it outright and have the M or L plans for 10 dollars less/more.

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      how did you get $456 for 24 months?
      if its plan ($60) + handset ($9) per month ($69), thats $828 per year, or $1656 over 2 years - more than 3.5 times the cost.

        @bax is comparing the Telstra Nexus 5 plan with purchasing a Nexus from Google and going on a BYO mobile plan. The equivalent BYO plan is $50/month, meaning that you are paying $19/month for the phone. $19*24=$456.

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      $9 x 24 = $216 payments for the phone.
      $69 x 24 = $1656 overall.
      Dunno where you're getting the $30 or so extra from...

        Eh, I pay 60 dollars a month for 5gb Data, unlimited calls and texts national, 1300, 1800, 131 and voicemail numbers. this be 3g of course.
        Lol, who knew dodo wouldn't be the worst thing ever? Well for internet I know it's already amazeballs.

    Haha, get a better deal on prepaid with my nexus 5.

    Buy outright and go with the Telstra prepaid Cap Encore, for $50 per month you can get 3.8gb of data which is way more than all of their terrible contract plans. At the end of 24 months you will have saved $456 dollars (roughly the cost of the 32gb Nexus 5 delivered) and had enough data to actually use 4g for music streaming and other stuff each month.

    I had always though that contracts were supposed to get you better value than prepaid. It appears that this is not the way that Telstra works.

      This! I do exactly the same thing, it makes no sense to go on contract end you get such a better deal on prepaid.

        How do you get 3.8GB for $50 from Telstra? If I look here, it says 800Mb for $50???

          Use the cap credit to buy data plus pack, see below.

            Or use Amaysim $40 plan for 4GB data and unlimited calling instead. Infact they included extra 1G for three months if you took a new connection in Dec.

        Not only that, one of the reasons why people buy a Nexus device is so they don't have to deal with carrier bloatware and delayed software updates.

      3.8GB sounds amazing. But the site only shows 8oomb.

      Am I missing something?

        Use the $50 cap credit to buy the $49 Plus Pack (3gb of data). So your basic 800mb becomes 3.8gb.

      Whats the configuration to spend $50 and get 3.8gb of data?
      is it a recharge and a plus pack?

        $50 cap credit to buy $49 3gb Plus Pack

      Um, this sounds great but is clearly not true. The page: shows that you get 800mb on the $50 Cap Encore recharge. Can you explain how you get to 3.6GB from there?

        See this Lifehacker article:

      yeah but then what about phone calls and sms

      or do you not use your phone for that at all?

        Check the details on the website; you get $950 bonus credit for calls/texts etc, on top of that $50 recharge (as well as free calls and texts between 6 PM and 6 AM), so unless you make a hell of a lot of calls, that original $50 is just being wasted if you don't use it to buy extra data.

        (And just in case you're wondering, only the $50 recharge credit can be used to buy plus packs, not the $950 bonus credit.)


          thats an excellent deal...gotta head into a telstra shop this week me thinks!

            Yeah it's definitely a good deal and probably one of the best you can get for 4G access, especially given that it's on Telstra. Boost is another great option: $40 for unlimited calls/texts and 3GB of data, and it's now on Telstra's network directly so full Next G access, but the only downfall is 3G only, no 4G.

              Im in an LTE coverage area all day and all night so I definitely want that

    For the price of that phone I'd rather just buy it outright and stay on Boost (my town doesn't have 4G so the whole "No 4G on Boost" thing doesn't really concern me; 3G is fast enough).

    Guys Nexus 5 phone has awesome features. The Andorid 4.4 kitkat performance is just too good. I read, the device coming to T Mobile show room and now i got it.

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