New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Is Just About Perfect

New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Is Just About Perfect

November 24 isn’t that far off, but I’m sure for Doctor Who fans across Australia, the next two weeks will be agonising. At least the ABC will be airing the 50th Anniversary episode of the enduring sci-fi show live, so you won’t need to stuff around to get your Who-fix. Still, that doesn’t give you much to do in the meantime… oh, except for watching this freshly-minted, cameo and Easter egg-packed trailer.

Unlike the first trailer, which while awesome, didn’t feature footage from the actual episode, this new clip delivers a meaty selection of frames for fans to digest (probably with cursor hovering over the timeline slider to aid rewinding and analysis).

But enough words — allons-y!

According to the Mirror, which has taken the time to pick at the new trailer, we see the Dalek fleet unloading on the Time Lord home planet, cameos from past companions and, best of all a, uh, comparison of sonic screwdrivers.

A sad admission: I still have yet to watch the modern seasons and as such, feel like I’m missing out on something really special. Surely I can squeeze in everything in two weeks without killing myself? If only I had some sort of device to travel back in time…