Netflix Might Finally Launch In Australia Soon

Netflix Might Finally Launch In Australia Soon

Wouldn’t it be nice to delete those geo-block usurping settings from your router or browser to access Netflix? Soon you might be able to, with a new report out this morning saying that geo-block jumpers are changing Netflix’s mind about coming to Australia.

A report in The Australian this morning says that Netflix has been swayed by the number of people jumping the geo-block to subscribe to the service from Australia.

In case you have been living under a rock, Netflix offers an all-you-can-eat TV and movie streaming service for $US7.99 per month. It accounts for a huge percentage of web traffic in the US, and is arguably the most popular streaming service on the planet, despite it only being available in select North American and European markets.

Netflix had a coming of age this year, commissioning several successful independent series including Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards, winning a Primetime Emmy Award for the latter.

If Netflix came to Australia, it’d put all the local content providers like Foxtel, Quickflix and others on notice, but we’d have to wait and see both whether it launches here and whether it has the ample stable of content we’ve come to know and love.

We’ve heard rumblings of Netflix launching in Australia before, so take this report for what it’s worth. It’d be marvellous if it were finally true, though. [The Australian]