inFORM Is A Display Concept That Will Change The World

Holy. Crap. We see a lot of cool stuff around the 'net, but this is by far one of the coolest: MIT has invented a display-like gadget that sits on your desk and renders 3D content based on wireframe models beamed to it from Kinect. It lets you touch things without really being there, and it's a must-see.

It's called a Dynamic Shape Display, and it's designed to render 3D content without the user actually being there. It helps others interact with digital information in a physical way.

Voxels extend up vertically from the inFORM as required, and can take almost any shape. Got a bar graph you want projected into the real world? Awesome. How about interacting with a ball from a distance using a wireframe model of your hand rendered from a Kinect sensor? You got it. What about developing a design model and being able to collaborate in 3D with someone on the other side of the planet? It's easy.

The logical endpoint of something like this is when it becomes commercialised and sports a higher resolution. That way, we'll have little nano-rods projecting really beautiful, high-resolution models onto all sorts of things like desks, tablets, smartphones through to billboards and home appliances.

This thing will change the world. [Tangible Media Group via Leslie Nassar]



    Didn't Kalell's parents have one of these following them in Superman returns...? :)

      I knew it looked familiar

      Edit: And do you mean Man of Steel?

      Last edited 13/11/13 1:19 pm

        Oh yeah,... Idiot.... I just watched it last weekend too... :)

    once the porn industry finds a way to use the device there will be one in every home.....

    Make it 4-5 times bigger, drop a marble on it and let's play some IRL Marble Madness!

    I can totally see a high-res version of this thing physically rendering Apple 3D maps. Such a cool idea.

    Last edited 13/11/13 3:09 pm

      I like it how you can't just see it rendering 3d maps, but apple 3d maps. lol.

    Long distance sex!!!!

    I was so sad when this video ended. I could watch it forever

    Imagine this on a larger scale, like a huge platform you could walk on. Paired with a virtual reality headset. Getting physical feedback from the digital world you were exploring. Climbing stairs/rocky mountains, even walking into walls!

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