HipShotDot Gives You Laser Site Precision In Every FPS Situation

HipShotDot Gives You Laser Site Precision in Every FPS Situation

For some gamers, online achievements are even more important than real-world reputation. And the HipShotDot — a small red LED you stick in the middle of your screen — could be the first accessory marketed to FPS players that promises to improve their in-game performance without the use of dangerous levels of caffeine.

How does it work? Well, most first person shooters feature an on-screen reticule that can sometimes be hard to spot when you're moving around or dealing with lots of action in the game. What the HipShotDot does is make it much easier to see exactly where your weapon is aimed thanks to its bright glowing red LED that's never obscured by what's happening in the game.

Using a six-and-a-half foot cord, the HipShotDot draws power from one of your console's USB ports, and thanks to a clear adhesive pad (that's easily removed) it doesn't obscure the action on screen. At $US30 it's not a guarantee that your aim will suddenly be 100 per cent from the moment you install it. But that bright red dot will certainly be hard to miss in the heat of battle. [HipShotDot]

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