Google Helpouts Is Here To Help You With Basically Anything

Have you ever been working on something, a special project or something outside the realm of normal day-to-day work stuff, and you find yourself totally stuck? As in, you have absolutely no idea what to do next? Google wants to help.

Google Helpouts is a crowdsourced, online help system that helps people work their way through… really whatever. We know that sounds vague, but really it could be anything. Maybe it’s that missing hot dance move from the perfect combo, or maybe it’s a dash of CSS to make a website just right, or maybe it’s how to build a bay window. It doesn’t really matter. With Helpouts, you can choose who you get help from based on their qualifications, their availability, their price, their ratings and reviews.

Once you’re in a Helpout you can not only talk to the expert of your choice (assuming you can afford them), but you you can get the nuanced information from them that is most relevant to you. Brands like Sephora, One Medical, Weight Watchers, Red Beacon (a Home Depot company), and Rosetta Stone, are participating out of the gate, and more are signing on.

Says, Google:

Today is just the beginning. We’re starting small and in a few categories. The number of people giving help on Helpouts and the type of help available will grow over time. Helpouts may not be suitable for every occasion, and it will take time to get used to interactions via real time video. We hope that the efficiency, convenience and global reach of Helpouts will make people’s lives easier in the long term.

We hope you’ll give Helpouts a try and give us your feedback through ratings and reviews, or talk to us on Google+,Twitter or Facebook. And if you’re interested in giving help on Helpouts yourself, let us know.

We certainly love the idea and hope it will grow into a major maverick educational movement. What do you need help with? [Google]