Google Glass Comes With A 45-Minute One-To-One Chat For Each Buyer

Google Glass Comes With a 45-Minute One-to-One Chat For Each Buyer

It's getting easier and easier to snag yourself a pair of Google's smart glasses, but there's still plenty that feels exclusive about the things. Like, for instance, the fact that Google insists that you spend 45 minutes talking with them before you use 'em.

Despite the fact that the latest rash of Glass sales has seen people — at least, the three invitees of current owners — able to have the glasses shipped to them, there's still close contact with Google involved. Indeed, Phil Nickinson of Android Central explains that, shortly after his invite-only Google Glass package arrived, he got a phone call asking him to join a personal 45-minute Hangout to take him through the "entire setup process" and tell him "about the history of Glass along the way."

That either means Google likes the idea of making new Glass users feel loved — or simply doesn't believe most people can use it straight outta the box. [Android Central via Engadget]

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