Fox News Just Had A Wonderful Homepage Malfunction

Fox News Just Had a Wonderful Homepage Malfunction

Whether Fox News got hacked (unlikely) or their giant new iPads are causing something to go haywire, the stars seem to have aligned in our favour today. And the result, friends, is glorious.

Wherever this gift came from, time-wise, it's all over the place. World Zombie Day was back in October 12, and Apple's WWDC happened all the way back in June. And then, of course, there's that announcement of new software and the ever-mysterious Maverick Sea Lion.

It's not just the top image though; a few of the links throughout the page have fallen victim to what very well may be some poor intern's very last words with Fox and friends, as you can see below.

Fox News Just Had a Wonderful Homepage Malfunction


Seems someone over at Fox has gotten wind of the issue, and they're, uh, working on it.

As you may have seen, is having issues. It's an internal production problem and will be fixed soon. #FoxNews — Fox News (@FoxNews) November 5, 2013

Update 2::

Well, looks like Fox is finally back in relative working order. Hey — at least we'll always have the memories, yo.

Update 3:

We reached out to FOX News to see if they could offer any insight into the little misstep, and they've offered the following bland (although admittedly fair and balanced!) statement from Chief Digital Officer Jeff Misenti:

During routine website maintenance, a home page prototype was accidently moved to the actual site. As with any mistake in testing, engineers noticed the error and quickly brought the site back to its normal function.

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