First-Person Videos Of Pilots Ejecting Will Make You Hyperventilate

I’ve seen pilots ejecting from fighter planes in extreme situations. It looks scary, but it’s nothing compared to listening to the minutes prior to the ejection. That’s when you start to hyperventilate just by watching them.

The video on top shows a pilot landing an F-15 aircraft with a burning engine — only to discover that the aeroplane won’t stop, making him to eject.

This Canadian Hawk’s engine got hit by a bird, forcing the pilot to eject just seconds before impact.

This video — recorded on May 2, 1999 during the Bosnian war — shows “the last minutes of a USAF F-16CG plane being shot down by the Serbian Air Defence.” The F-16 was hit by the nearby explosion of a surface-to-air missile, making Lt. Col. David Goldfein to eject. He touched down safely “and was promptly evacuated in a standard US Army procedure, by a C-SAR team.”

And while this is not a first person video, but I’ve included it to show how easy it looks without the audio. It’s all training (and steel balls!)

If you have any favourite first-person videos eject videos, please post them in the comments.