Doctor Who Down Under Plans Entered Into Australian Parliament

Doctor Who Down Under Plans Entered Into Australian Parliament

Wearing an amazing Tom Baker scarf and armed with a spectacular knowledge of the history of the madman in his Police Box, Federal Member for Dawson, George Christensen MP, entered a motion into Australian Parliament yesterday to have Doctor Who brought to Australia to film an episode.

The crux of Christensen’s motion is to have the ABC, Screen Australia and other film funding organisations around the country to “encourage” the BBC to bring Doctor Who to Australia for a local adventure.

Christensen referenced a dozen different links between Australia and the Doctor, and said that these are all substantial enough for the BBC to consider bringing the show here for at least one episode.

There has been an episode of Doctor Who filmed in Australia before, but Christensen believes that one isn’t enough.

The motion filed in Australian Parliament received bi-partisan support — as so few things do these days — and marks a significant milestone in Christensen’s ongoing campaign to bring The Doctor to Australia.

Here’s hoping that The Doctor geronimo’s his way to Australia soon. [Doctor Who News]