Call Of Duty: Ghosts Has A Scene Copy-Pasted From Modern Warfare 2

Where's the line between paying tribute and being lazy? I think the studio behind Call Of Duty: Ghosts just leapt right on over it.

An enterprising YouTuber put a cutscene from the new Call Of Duty: Ghosts next to the ending of Modern Warfare 2, and found that the two are pretty much identical.

A non-player character plucks you, the injured soldier protagonist, from the ground and slings you over his shoulder on a slow advance to an extraction vehicle, as the driver of said vehicle comes to your other arm to support you.

The only real differences are the vehicles used in each: one has a helicopter while the other has a ute.

Some could argue the point that this is a "tribute" to Modern Warfare 2, but we just think it's AAA laziness.

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