Businesses Are Getting A Big Boost From Dropbox

Businesses Are Getting A Big Boost From Dropbox

With more than 200 million users, Dropbox remains one of the dominant cloud storage services available. In a bid to stave off competitors like Box, iCloud and Google Drive, Dropbox has just announced a host of upgrades and new features designed to make its business service even more powerful.

In 2012, some two million businesses across the country used Dropbox, in the last year that number has doubled to more than four million companies including some 97 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies. However, Dropbox was originally designed for personal use — CEO Drew Houston built the first iteration specifically for his own personal needs — not for the demands of the modern business. But now Dropbox for Business is optimising its service for the needs of not just companies themselves but the employees that constitute them.

Dropbox for Business has effectively been completely rebuilt. The UI has been redesigned to display both the employee’s personal and work Dropbox folders in the same screen at the same time. This allows employees to seamlessly access both while keeping his personal Dropbox folder private from co-workers and Admins. Notifications have also been revamped to also allow users to flip between personal and business boxes with a single click.

Sharing has also been optimised for security. Admins are afforded very granular sharing controls and are able to restrict sharing on a file-by-file basis. What’s more, admins are now empowered to remotely wipe company data from the accounts of ex-employees regardless of what device the accounts were used on while preserving the user’s personal data.

The mobile client has also been reworked. It’s smarter and more consistent than its predecessor. In addition to simplified controls for account switching, the mobile app automatically sets all camera uploads to your personal account only. No more worries of those naughty pictures from the company holiday party making onto the company server anymore.

The service is going to be released in beta form later this month and will launch officially early next year.