Bootleg Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer Leaks Online

Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets these days, and as such, everyone is a risk when you're showing off highly-anticipated film footage. Sony Pictures recently held an event, showing off a four-minute, work-in-progress trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2. That four-minute trailer is now, predictably, online for all of us to gawk at. Get in here before it's taken down!

So what do we learn from this new bootleg trailer? Well, first of all, we know that it's not finished yet.

Secondly, we get a good look at Jamie Foxx in his role as bad-guy Electro. He's glowing blue, and he sure sounds menacing. His big attack seems to come in the middle of Times Square when he decides to disable a bunch of electronics — including the massive screens — when he explodes blue.

Check it out! It's only a matter of time before Sony takes it down.

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