Billionaire: What The Hell Happened To Larry Hilblom, Anyway?

Billionaire: What the Hell Happened To Larry Hilblom, Anyway?

Larry Hilblom was the mega-rich founder of shipping company DHL. He mysteriously disappeared in a plane crash in 1995, leaving behind possible heirs and more questions than answer. The 2009 documentary Billionaire is his story — one of those horrifying things you just can't stop watching.

Hilblom lived on the south Pacific island of Saipan — partially for tax reasons, and partially because he could do whatever the hell he wanted. And whatever the hell he wanted meant traipsing around the region in one of his many planes, for the explicit purpose of engaging in sexual tourism. That glaring detail is enough to make you sick, but the story gets even weirder.

As soon as Hilblom disappeared (and we do mean disappeared, because his body was never recovered) several possible heirs came forward, kicking off a long, drawn out legal battle, as well as a quest to find out who the enigmatic Larry Hilblom actually was. And that's an answer that differs, depending on who you ask, and even this doc doesn't necessarily answer. [Netflix]

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