Be Hypnotised By MRIs Of Food, Plants And Other Oddities

Be Hypnotised By MRIs Of Food, Plants And Other Oddities

We’re used to seeing pictures created by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that resemble people. OK, brains and organs. I guess if you had access to a machine with this sort of functionality, you’d always have something critical to scan. But if Andy Ellision and his blog Inside Insides is anything to go by, maybe they have plenty of time to image whatever happens to be nearby, including this banana flower.

Ellison’s blog has been running for a few years now, so there’s already quite the collection of MRI GIFs for one to peruse. Being a MRI technologist at Boston University, getting time with the required equipment — in this case, a Philips 3 Telsa MRI — is not an issue.

Most recently, Ellison has scanned various cacti, a lychee and a passion-fruit, but if you go back far enough — say 2010 — you can check out what someone drinking looks like, if you cut them in half lengthways and they were entirely monochromatic.


This image, which has been doing the rounds online, is not in fact a banana, but a banana flower. The more you know!

If you’d like to see more — and there’s a lot — just hit up the link below.

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