A Tiny Ultralight Tripod Designed For Compact Cameras And Smartphones

A Tiny Ultralight Tripod Designed For Compact Cameras and Smartphones

Even if you have a massive DSLR in your camera arsenal, there's no shame in occasionally relying on your lightweight smartphone or a compact point-and-shoot for pictures. And on those days when you just don't feel like lugging a heavy camera and its cumbersome accessories, the Lollipod will fill in as an incredibly lightweight and compact tripod designed exclusively for smaller shooters.

The Lollipod weighs in at a scant 320 grams, so it's actually lighter than the new iPad Air. At full height it stands just under 120cm tall, and when collapsed it's just over 30cm in length so it's easy to stash inside a backpack and forget it's there. Gorillapod's tripods offer similar functionality and form factor, but the Lollipod's rigid frame and extra height means you never have to hunt for a place to perch your camera for a stabilised shot.

It goes without saying that even the smallest of DLSRs would be too much for the Lollipod to handle, but it's perfect for shooting some crisp night time shots with your smartphone. And to ensure that the slightest breeze doesn't topple the tripod, the $US48 Lollipod includes a small webbed net you can hang between its legs and fill with rocks or other heavy objects to stabilise it. [Lollipod via Wired]

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