You Can Take A Virtual, Live-Streamed Holiday To Melbourne This Week

Ever fancied packing an overnight bag and jetsetting off to the self-styled cultural capital of Australia for a weekend? This week you'll be able to do it virtually, and boss around an automaton who will live stream whatever fun Melbourne tourism stuff you tell them to get up to. Meet the Remote Control Tourist.

Equipped with two cameras attached to a crash helmet and wired to a giant livestreaming battery backpack, the Remote Control Tourist is a clever ploy from the folks at Visit Melbourne to get people to experience the city from their desks.

Using Twitter or Facebook, you can control the Remote Control Tourist to actually do what you want them to do. Want them to sample every coffee on a particular street? Done. How about climb to the top of the MCG? Sorted.

Everything from fashion, to food through to the market experience, the Remote Control Tourists (there's a guy and a girl tourist active) will be able to do it.

They land in Melbourne and start live streaming from tomorrow.

What would you tell them to do?

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