You Can Crowdfund A Plan To Get Malcolm Turnbull's Briefing Book

The best thing about open government is that you can apply to read stuff written between different individuals and departments. That's called a Freedom of Information request. The problem is that sometimes transparency can get expensive. Thankfully, crowdfunding exists, so now if you're interested in what Malcolm Turnbull's objectives are now that he's Communications Minister, you can help get it.

When applying for stuff under Freedom of Information, the applicant pays for the cost of the research and photocopying, etc. Digging through government archives shouldn't be a charitable exercise, after all.

This is why Delimiter is crowdfunding a Freedom of Information request worth $2071 to get a hold of Malcolm Turnbull's briefing book.

Inside is a list of objectives, both short- and long-term for the construction of the National Broadband Network, as well as background briefings on issues related to the NBN. The document also contains key election promises made by the Coalition before the election.

If you want to pitch in for the cost of the document, you can donate here. [Pozible via Delimiter]

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