Wiped Off The Fibre Map: Thousands Of Homes Deleted From NBN Rollout Maps

Wiped Off The Fibre Map: Thousands Of Homes Deleted From NBN Rollout Maps

On Monday, there’s a fair bet that a lot of you were within an NBN coverage area, with construction either underway or likely to start within the next one to three years. Today, the story is different: thousands of homes have now been wiped off that map.

NBN Co’s new management team appears to have led the cull of homes and businesses from the rollout maps, with the Coalition government telling the ABC that the push is to improve transparency in the network deployment process.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that homes were listed on the maps as under construction, when in fact they were still in the planning phase.

“What we’re doing is spelling out the facts about the NBN’s performance, instead of trying to create false impressions. Under the Labor regime, they were basically being misled,” Turnbull told the ABC.

The image above is what the rollout maps looked like just a few months ago. Here’s what it looks like today:

As you can already see, places where construction is promised to commence have been wiped off the map in favour of icons indicating service available or build commenced.

Hopefully we’ll know more about the state and timetable of the roll-out in 60 days after the completion of several strategic reviews and audits into the National Broadband Network Company.

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