Wiped Off The Fibre Map: Thousands Of Homes Deleted From NBN Rollout Maps

On Monday, there's a fair bet that a lot of you were within an NBN coverage area, with construction either underway or likely to start within the next one to three years. Today, the story is different: thousands of homes have now been wiped off that map.

NBN Co's new management team appears to have led the cull of homes and businesses from the rollout maps, with the Coalition government telling the ABC that the push is to improve transparency in the network deployment process.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that homes were listed on the maps as under construction, when in fact they were still in the planning phase.

"What we're doing is spelling out the facts about the NBN's performance, instead of trying to create false impressions. Under the Labor regime, they were basically being misled," Turnbull told the ABC.

The image above is what the rollout maps looked like just a few months ago. Here's what it looks like today:

As you can already see, places where construction is promised to commence have been wiped off the map in favour of icons indicating service available or build commenced.

Hopefully we'll know more about the state and timetable of the roll-out in 60 days after the completion of several strategic reviews and audits into the National Broadband Network Company.

Were you removed from the coverage maps? [ABC]



    The entire of the inner north of Canberra was just dropped off the rollout map except for three blocks around the Braddon exchange, one block of which is government housing flats...

      Yeah I saw that. Kind of frustrating, because I was previously on the roll out.

        Well according to Mr Turnbull you weren't actually on the rollout, you were just misled.. So either way, you miss out :( sadness

          The thing is, I think he's fibbing. Our suburb was one of those completely removed from the rollout so under Turnbull's assurances that meant we were still in the 'planning phase'. That doesn't explain the fact that we saw big rolls of green NBN cable being laid in the street next to ours, or that other people saw it being laid in another street nearby. Pretty sure laying cable is part of an implementation phase, not planning :\.

            Wow, what a surprise. Fibre cables went in around my area over 6 months ago and now it says it's not even in the planning phase.
            Malcolm Turnbull is a vindictive asshole.

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              It's because no one can make their mind up or come to some kind of agreement. As far as i'm concerned there's too much talk, not enough action.

      Kambah was wiped off the map too, our construction was supposed to start in June, however it appears that the contract was never signed, so now we go without fibre all together. Yay Governments.....

        Everything from Kambah to the south is gone. Not surprised, but definitely disappointed...

      I am one block outside of the range for the Braddon exchange :

    Only a politician could call removing information from public view "greater transparency."

      They say 'Transparency' but really what they mean is 'Invisibility'

      It actually does create greater transparency as the information (which was removed) clutters up the view and blocks you from seeing stuff. :P (Note: sarcasm and weaseltalk)

    I have been, my entire suburb has been removed, the largest and highest populated suburb of the municipality and it's been removed from the plan. Well the NBNCO and the coalition can go fuck themselves for lying, like I expected anything else. And my suburb was on that list recently as still getting it since the fibre here has been under construction since September 2012

      My suburb has been removed too, it was due to start construction before the end of the year. Not happy.

      I don't know why this is the Coalition's fault though, they have just removed the areas of the map that haven't actually started construction yet. It's NBN Co's fault for providing incorrect information on the website in the first place.

        No they removed areas that construnction had started on but has suddenly ceasesd, we have had all the prep work done and we were removed from the list.
        On Turnbulls blog there are other comments indicating the plug was suddenly pulled after starting construction.

        You didn't read the last sentence obviously. Work started in my suburb over a year ago in September 2012 and its not a case of saying under construction but hasn't actual started since they have been and gone from my area, I was out there chatting to them like 8 months ago as they layed the fibre past my drive way. Construction in my area has actually from what I can tell finished, just not been turned on yet.

        And yes the Coalition and NBNCO are both at fault, when construction has finished but just not turned on yet and they list it as still getting FTTP in the current rollout and then they just completely removed it from the rollout?

        I mean shit it is all there layed out ready to be turned on FFS, this is why I think the coalition was the worst choice for government, they are a corporate party who care nothing about its people and only about the short term profits and share prices of its private backers, i.e Telstra and Foxtel, they have already stated that FTTP could potentially undermine Foxtel and in turn Telstra as the market would be much more competitive for both internet access/price and services like Netflix and the like would become viable making Foxtel potentially redundant.

          So let me get it. Labor (not NBNCO) put in the fibre optic. But not switched it on. And now that we have a new government, it is their fault (again, not NBNCO) for NOT connecting it back then?

            Once again people fail to read correctly, I had included NBNCO in there as sharing blame. And yes Labor were in power when it was installed but NBNCO were waiting until the surrounding suburbs were complete for it to be activated/turned on which is understandable and makes sense so I do not direct much blame at NBNCO or the Labor Government since it was just logical.

            But now that the Coalition are in charge my suburb has just been deleted from their plan entirely, with no explanation or reason since even if the suburb is not complete as I believe it is at the very least 80% done, even Telstra had the activation date up until recently as about now then it got changed to September 2014 and now its not even on the plan, WTF. :(

            And anyway, NBNCO is government run so if you complain about one your complaining about the other .

              "even Telstra had the activation date up until recently as about now then it got changed to September 2014 "

              There is your answer, NBNCO and lying-through-their-teeth-Labor was DISHONEST about their promises and kept lying about the whole thing every step of the way.
              The HONEST thing Coalition did was to cut the crap (read labor lies) and call a spade a spade and now going with their new plan by removing everything that is now not going to be delivered. This unholy NBNCo/Labor relationship only had money/election promises respectively at heart.

              Second Q. Do you have an electric car?
              (You can see where I'm going with this?)

                My suburb has been surveyed and is ready to start construction right now, and that's according to a few friends I have who have been contracted to do the rollout. But since the caretaker period all construction was halted, ALL construction. Now that the Coalition is in they have stated that no ground work has been done yet, and they are right, but the ground work is the easy part, the planning and surveying takes up most of the time and money, which makes sense.

                And now that my suburb has been nuked from the rollout map, all the work that has already been done will either have to be redone or scrapped and my suburb will just be ignored.

                A lie is deliberate fabrication of the truth, misinformation is wrong information, these two are generally exclusive, well, except when the Coalition is in power.

              You do realise fibre is a point-to-point network in that you do not need to build an entire network before you can turn it on, if they wanted to they would enabled connections as soon as each end has been connected/available. It does not make any sense what so ever if your area was rolled out over 8 months ago for the connections not to be enabled by this time! 14 months if far to long for a single area to be rolled out....

              Me thinks there HAS to be more to the story else I'm sure labour would have wanted the lines online ASAP as they really needed access enabled as there roll out figures were absolutely shameful and disappointing by any standards.

    We were in the 12Month period and now gone...The coalition sukc!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Explain to me how this is the coalition fault and not labor.

        It is perceived that just before the election they were in the 12 month map, now under the Coalition they are removed.

        However a lot of bits of information are missing, how many of those areas were in a state of construction but have been removed? Have any of them at all?

        I think people might be getting to far ahead of themselves in some areas, but I would be damn interested to know if even after laying down fibre in areas that the coalition have scrapped them, as that is a horrific waste of resources, not to mention those who were so close, yet so far. (I was in a 3 year zone so I had no hope)

          I know a few places where the fiber had begun to be pulled through that are now not showing on the map.

          I can only assume that the fiber will be pulled out.

        Because if something is on the map --->>>***scheduled***<<<--- to be rolled out and construction has not started, it does not make everything null and void. Well, it does if you're the king of the castle and you say so. We all knew what Abbott was going to be like so now we just have to suck it up and see what him and his minions dictate next.

          All the coalition have done is update the map to accurately reflect the NBN roll out. You can blame Labor for the poor handling and lack of roll out for the NBN. The coalition are just showing it for what it is.
          What's the saying? Don't shoot the messenger?
          But I suppose Labor had people happily fooled into believing they were getting the NBN.

            Tell that to people like sykotika, who (above) spoke to the workers as they were laying the fibre past his driveway 8 months ago. The work was almost complete, yet now the Coalition are telling you that all that construction was just Labour's lies.

            Has all that work been abandoned just to make a political point, or is it still continuing in secret - hidden from public view by the Coalition, just to make a political point?

              Not by the coalition. By labor and by the NBN contractors not completing work, demanding more money, walking off jobs.
              When are people going to realise its the coalition who's come in to clean up the mess?

                Andrew Bolt, is that you? You aren't listening to the points people are making, just going back to the party line of blaming Labor.

    On the plus side, does that mean the tiny areas still under construction now should expect to be connected pretty quickly now that they are concentrating their efforts?



      You can stay.


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      Despite my whole city being listed as under construction for the better part of a year 11/12 months or so), apparently my neighborhood has been removed entirely.

      This runs contrary to the people i've seen within this now removed zone working for NBN co.

      This whole thing is a bullshit excuse so they can cancel "half done" areas as dbag Tony tries to shut down the NBN completely (considering everyone knows his FTTN is more expensive and unwanted). Either that or as a poster above said, "Only a politician could call removing information from public view "greater transparency.""

        Now watch the liberals claim Labor had you on the under construction list for two years while nobody was constructing anything, nevermind all the NBN Co construction you have seen.

      Yup, I had cablers pulling fibre through my street just before the election. Now we are wiped off the map (Inner west suburb of melbourne). Their yellow safety barriers are still there after 2+ months.

      Its like that on the Gold Coast. I have a client that had cables laid and asked me about it months ago as someone rang them about it, I assumed it was the step where people get asked to have it to their door. Well that area is off the map now. Only the GCCC building down the road to the Hardly Normal.

        Wow.. Is this the Bundall area?

        Was the same down this way, there was meant to be NBN wireless & fibre installed in several towns and now they're all wiped off the map, despite fibre being laid and all. Makes me wonder what the future for the fibre in my are is going to meet... sigh.

    Under the old map, my suburb was to commence construction this month! However, due to the change. It has been completely wiped off the map and the area near to me of people who can already receive ADSL2+ are now going to receive fibre while I'm still stuck on my RIM with ADSL1. It just sucks.

    Every suburb surrounding us has been hooked up to the NBN, our suburb was on the way, the cable was being run down the main access road, then it all stopped because of the asbestos problem, now we have been wiped off the NBN map, having said that we have had Visionstream staff in our street all week playing around with Telstra pits, taking measurement's and taking photos. So maybe we are still going ahead?

    My suburb in south Canberra was to be begin being installed on 1 July next year. Now none of south Canberra appears on these maps.

      There was a big article in The Canberra Times about how this is going to create a North / South divide of good vs bad internet a couple of weeks ago.

    Why is so little of Sydney completed..
    Surly they should be doing some populated areas so that they get some revenue..

      It was starting out in regional Aus as they were the ones with least options RE: broadband

        I know, but you would think that they would do both at the same time. Regional as they have worst net and Citys so that they can pass more houses and get some revenue.

    Gutted. A first world issue I know, but still...

    Hrmm.. I saw some recent news article about NBN being pulled from Tasmania.. what are the details surrounding this?

      Mornington where I live is still listed as under contstruction. No changes.

      Edit - I talked to a Telstra guy who was in the street trying to find a fault. He said that the fibre isn't in yet, but the 'string' is through, ready to pull the fibre though.

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      I was under the impression that it was fully rolled out in tasmania as a trial?

        Nope, Mt Nelson (My Suburb) has been under construction for half a year now, and then boom, gone. Who knows when if ever we'll get this.

    hmm says build commenced in the area I'm in... I'm not sure if I have seen anything though lol

    No NBN for me now. I wouldn't care as much if I at least had ADSL 2+. Maybe I should buy one of them new houses down the street they have NBN. Does this make NBN a selling point for buying/selling property?

      HUGE selling point. I know that in areas of Brisbane that has the NBN installed, average rent prices have gone up by I'd say at least 50+ dollars p/week.

    Was never going to get it under the old plan, despite 50% of houses in my area 5k from Sydney CBD getting dsl1 at best (my house - nada). Without cable I would be wireless only/screwed, but you know what I am happy - 100mb cable is really, really good, and better than the libs FTTN - actually it IS FTTN, just a real, tested, useful version - so there you go. Maybe we should just resume cable rollout for all our sake - FTTP mostly failed in the USA (Verizon FiOS) due to cost per connected house but cable just goes from strength to strength and is in no practical way technically inferior to the "tapped broadcast fibre" FTTP we are using in Australia (as opposed to "Fibre per house, which would have totally rocked) unless filesharing is your major thing (check the specs online - uplink speed is the only practical difference on actual and projected networks for the next decade at least, and even that is constrained by contention upstream).

      On the other hand Germany had a per household cost for FTTN higher than Australia's per household cost for FTTP, and they're now upgrading their infrastructure to FTTP.

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        huh ! so FTTN can cost more than FTTP, I will look into that. Still, I believe HFC is the cheapest over all on the numbers I have seen, and might be worth extending after over a decade of "pause" and under utilization. That way when the cable gets end of life (decades) those areas can go for whatever is available then, rather than having a national network that all ages at the same rate.

          at the current price FTTN costs 2/3s the price of FTTP, and most experts agree it will be out of date as soon as its finished being built, and on top of that it would cost more to upgrade to FTTP from FTTN then it would to build FTTN in the first plave.

          Say your gonna have 10 kids and you want to buy a new house, theres a 2 bedroom for $200k with space maybe to build 2 more rooms tops before you have to buy the neighbors house and knock it down. you could build a new 10 bedroom for $300k in the same suburb with room to build 20 more rooms easily. You have good credit and can easily afford either, which House do you buy? Which NBN do you build?

            If Tony has his way, neither, and we stay living in the cardboard box under the overpass.

      Yeah, I'm on cable too, but I have to disagree with the "in no practical way technically inferior" sentiment. I work with video from home, I often have to send & receive large files, and FTTP's 20x faster upload speeds would've been a total godsend. Telstra's 2Mbps limit is ridiculous, when a single uplink channel can easily do 50Mbps, and contention limits upstream of the cable (if any) would be merely Telstra cheaping out, as they do in so many other areas.

      HFC certainly has more headroom than copper, but does not begin to compare with fibre. HFC networks are also shared between more users, suffers more from contention, but worst of all (being a private asset) will never be made available outside the prime metro areas.

      Oh, and at current 40%/yr growth rates, bandwidth demand in a decade will be 29 times what it is today. Think HFC will still cope?

      Hey I just moved to an area of 5Mbps ADSL 2+. Oh and Cable ends 2 houses down. I am the "new" part of the estate. Still waiting for a call back from Telstra to see how much it will cost to get it extended 2 streets. Apparently its something they do, at a cost.

    I moved into Ovingham in SA a couple of months ago. A big part of that decision for me was that the NBN rollout was scheduled to be Ready For Service in September. As it got closer, it was listed as September 15 specifically. Then it changed back to September but said "(brought forward)". Then the election happened and there were no updates till now. Now it's set for February 2014.

    I think it's pretty safe to assume this was a problem before the election occurred. I guess they've now changed the definitions of each of those terms/stages to be more accurate.

    That said, I still want FTTP everywhere, no matter how long the delays are.

    So.. judging from this... what I'm getting is that regardless of who's in power, Australia is pathetically undeveloped in terms of technology and will continue to be so for probably another 30 or so years?

    This kind of thing just makes me wish people in other countries would hire the best and brightest from Australia, since of course, there's no way in hell that these people would get the financial and technological support they need here in order to made advancements. Time to save up and find somewhere decent to live.

    Thank you Minister Turnbull, I feel so much better knowing less!

    This always annoys me....The area 3KM to my north is getting hooked up, then they jump over my house and do the new estates about 200m to my south. My town is going to have a west to east belt of crap internet. Why they could not do it all at once is beyond me.......I think the rich folk to the north are on a diferent telephone exchange but the new house being built near me should be on our exchange.......infact I think they will have to drag the fibre past my house to get to them.

    I'm off the map now. Traralgon VIC.
    I live three houses down from the corner of the main road, NBN Co have been there for weeks pulling end to end. I can see the fibre going from one pit to the other. I work in the exchange and all the equipment is there.


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      In addition to that, they had spent the last 18 months installing the new massive Air Conditioning units, specifically for the NBN. All the remaining spaces in that room are allocated for NBN racks, last count there was about 40 or so all terminated and running.

    Telstra Is Suing NBN Co

    Maybe they need to pay for this http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2013/10/telstra-is-suing-nbn-co/
    Unfortunately it will more than likely be at the cost of lost connections..

    Apparently building has commenced now for me. Yay for me...

    The surrounding areas of my town are listed as under construction (wireless), but the very second you get within town limits? Nothing. Hope this just means it'll be a little longer off than everyone else, and not that the changes have removed NBN from our town, because that'll piss me off greatly.

    The areas on the coverage map of Wagga seem absurdly small, there's a highlighted section that literally covers 3/4 of one street (Look at Barton Avenue, Lloyd, NSW, 2650, Australia if you're interested).

    There is an area very close to me (literally a stone's throw if I had an aerodynamic one) that's highlighted but not my street. Hopefully it means that's where the exchange is rather than the entire coverage otherwise that's like building a multi-lane highway that runs for half a block.

      Are they all 3 month old houses? If not I understand why your puzzled. Edit - Satellite view explains it, all new houses and wasn't it said that any houses planned after xx-date have to be hooked up to the NBN. As why build houses to be switched a year or two later.

      Last edited 31/10/13 9:26 pm

    The inner center of my entire town has been removed from the rollout map. Same as Grayda and probably a few other people that are in a similar boat.

    Am I the only one that thinks the "National" network is looking a lot less..... national? Anything central seems to have been wiped completely.

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