What Does Australia Lead The World In? It's All Coming Up Deadly

Australia's done its fair share to stand out among the countries of the world. While we might have dropped off a bit in the cricket and swimming (and now Union), we'll always have the invention of Wi-Fi to hang our hats on. But that's just the tip of the iceberg — Australia has other stuff too... like, uh, shark attacks. And melanoma.

At least according to this map from Doghouse Diaries, Australia is king when it comes to killing people in horrible ways, be you on land or water. We don't compare favourably to New Zealand, which is significantly less death-inducing with the rugby and sheep.

As you'd expect, Japan has the monopoly on robots, the US can be proud of its lawnmower fatalities and Madagascar... well, Madagascar is lemur country.

To check out the map in full, click the image below:

[Doghouse Diaries, via Neatorama]

Image: Doghouse Diaries

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