We're Being Slowly Screwed By Social Networks, And We're Oblivious

We're Being Slowly Screwed By Social Networks and We're Oblivious

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others once seemed to have our interests at heart; now that's looking a little more questionable; in the future, who knows where it will end? The problem is that subtle privacy changes creep up on us in such a way that we're practically oblivious to them.

Today's Doghouse Diaries comic sums that up neatly. If you're unfamiliar with the boiling frog anecdote, here's a version from Daniel Quinn's The Story of B:

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.

Sound familiar? [Doghouse Diaries]

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