Watch People Freak Out When They See Ghosts Inside An iPhone Camera

This prank is such pure evil genius that you can’t help but laugh. And feel bad because you’d get freaked out too. Funny man Jack Vale scared the creepy crawly goosebumps out of people by asking strangers to take his picture with his iPhone.

Why’s that scary? Because Vale had pre-recorded a fake ‘ghost’ (or zombie) walking through the frame of the camera so people would think they just saw a dead person that wasn’t there in real life move across the screen. What the people thought they were seeing in real time was actually a horrifying recording.

Creepy! But totally genius, right? And totally not expected when a stranger asks you to take their picture. Some people’s reactions are priceless, though I would have expected more people to shriek and drop the phone as opposed to being deeply unsettled by their sixth sense. [Jack Vale]