Vodafone Switches On 4G For Pre-Paid Customers

It's a bit sad that pre-paid customers are sometimes treated like second-class citizens in the telco world, and it's nice to see them getting looked after every now and then. Vodafone is looking after its pre-paid customers today by switching making 4G available to them, too.

Pre-paid customers won't have to pay extra to get the 4G coverage, all they'll need to do, Voda tells us, is plug the 4G settings into their existing 4G-capable handset.

Vodafone has a handy set-up assistant to help you get those settings into your phone.

Vodafone 4G is still only live in Metropolitan areas at this point, but Vodafone has promised to expand it around the country thoughout 2014.

The telco is actually giving pre-paid customers a bonus offer with more data and more call credit. $40 now gets you 1GB of data (used to be 750MB), $750 Flexible Credit (used to be $650 and unlimited free texts. [Vodafone]

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