Vodafone Prices Selected iPad Air, iPad Mini With Retina Display Models On Plans

Vodafone won't be carrying every single new model of the new iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, but it will carry a handful. Here's how much you'll pay.

Vodafone won't offer every SKU of iPad, instead only choosing to stock the 16GB iPad Mini with Retina Display, the 16GB iPad Air and the 128GB iPad Air.

Plans offered include data ranging from 2.5GB per month on the $20 plan, through to 4GB on the $30 Plan and up to 8GB on the $45 plan. Each plan is a 24 month contract.

Here's what those iPads will cost you on said data plans for 24 months.

These prices are still fairly pricey if you're after an iPad on a plan, but Vodafone is hoping that the luxury of paying monthly for a device rather than all upfront is attractive.

Vodafone will stock the iPad Air from 1 November (tomorrow) and the new iPad Mini later in the month.

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