Uber Now Delivering Kittens For 15-Minute Cuddle Sessions

Uber Now Delivering Kittens For 15-Minute Cuddle Sessions

First it was just luxury transport. Then it was delicious ice cream. Now, Uber teamed up with ICanHazCheezburger for National Cat Day to deliver kittens to people for them to play with and adopt! Awwwwwwwww!

Uber users in San Francisco, Seattle and New York City (sorry, Australia) were able to order kittens straight to their door today in celebration of National Cat Day in the US.

It’s a great idea, to be honest, because not only do people get an emergency kitten break at their offices through the day, but they can also adopt the cats that are brought along for hugs, as Uber teamed up with local pet shelters for the steady supply of cuteness. All the cash from the Uber ride and the kitten cuddle session goes straight back to an animal charity, too! Ethical cuddles!

Uber, we demand this feature in Australia! Kittens for Aussies!

If you’re feeling pet-riotic (get it?) you can donate to the RSPCA to make sure that Aussie animals find a home too. [Uber]