Turnbull Says NBN's Tasmania Roll-Out Won't Be Finished On Time

The NBN Co is in a state of flux right now, but that doesn't mean what the news out of the nation's largest infrastructure roll-out has stopped. In fact, it's only getting worse: Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull now believes the company is so far off track with the roll-out in Tasmania that it will miss its 2015 deployment deadline, and not by a small margin either.

Speaking with ABC Radio this morning, Turnbull said that less than 20,000 homes and businesses had been passed by the fibre network, making the plan to hit a 2015 completion target "optimistic" at best.

The AFR quoted Turnbull saying, "[20,000] is less than 10 per cent of the total rollout, so obviously completing it by 2015 looks pretty optimistic".

Tasmania was the first state to get access to the National Broadband Network, and sadly, the latest to fall victim to the ongoing problem of premises being passed by the fibre optic cable but not able to get connected to it. [ABC Radio via Australian Financial Review]

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