This Smart Water-Hauling Backpack Is Sterilised By Sunlight

This Smart Water-Hauling Backpack Is Sterilized By Sunlight

With millions of people around the world lacking access to a consistent, reliable source of water, contaminated jerry cans and buckets have become the unfortunate go-to method of transporting water in the developing world. The PackH20, which just won the 2013 People's Design Award at the National Design Awards gala, plans to change that.

Designed by Greif, the water-toting backpack is designed to be ergonomic, gender-neutral and fully adjustable. One of the coolest (and most critical) features, however, is the removable inner lining that's sanitised simply by lying out in the sun.

What's more, it's not just a nice concept — these packs are already being put to use. More than 100,000 H20packs have been distributed across five continents by companies like Habitat for Humanity and Partners for Care.

And judging from the photo below — which compares the old method compared to the new PackH20 — they're already doing a world of good. [Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum]

This Smart Water-Hauling Backpack Is Sterilized By Sunlight

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