This Incredibly Detailed Interactive AFL Grand Final Panorama Is A Sight To Behold

If you or any of your friends attended the recent AFL grand final, you probably know how crazy hard it was to capture a decent picture of the crowd in any real detail. Not the folks at Bupa. Check out this insane interactive gigapixel panorama of the crowd taken at the Grand Final.

It's called the Bupa FanPic, and it's meant for people to log on and tag their friends as they zoom around the ground looking for familiar faces. Thankfully, you don't need a Facebook account to access it and zoom around.

The quality of this image is spectacular. You can zoom right into the cheap seats and see who is freezing their arses off all the way up there, right down to who is sitting at the fence watching the game. Incredible. [Bupa FanPic]

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