This Bad Lip-Reading Of Game Of Thrones Is Hysterically Good

Game Of Thrones is not only brilliant TV, it's harrowing and at times, difficult to watch. It must have taken a fair bit of effort then to take it from a gritty piece of HBO brilliance and turn it into a B-grade teen comedy about someone trying to open an amusement park. This is a bad lip-reading of Game Of Thrones.

Medieval Land Fun-Time World: a renaissance faire-style theme park that Sean Bean's character is desperately trying to get off the ground.

As we soon learn, he'd have a much better time of it if he hadn't hired a cast of idiots to be the so-called talent in the theme park.

This video sees the characters serve up a bevy of interesting questions to each other, including "do you think they should make iPhones for babies?" and "how do you feel about people who go hadouken?"

This really is the best thing you'll see all day, and it must have taken the bad lip-readers forever to do it.

Try not to laugh to hard on your bus or train.

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    OMFG... Haven't laughed like that in the morning for years... :)

    Eh, I didn't find it that funny. I can see they went to a fair bit of effort, but to me they were trying a little too hard. The fart scene, really?

    I've never even watched an episode of GoT and I still pissed myself laughing. That's the best Bad Lip Reading I've seen.

    Best bad lip reading ever!!!! Loved every moment!!!!

    "I'm working on a gravity belt" oh man I'm in tears at my desk

    I was in tears by the end. Awesome!

    Thank you so much! I had to stop watching Game of Thrones (and Walking Dead) at the end of Season 2 because I found it so relentlessly serious that it was no fun to watch.

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