These Intimate Portraits Show The Fading World Of Film Projection

These Intimate Portraits Show The Fading World Of Film Projection

Before digital took over, a theatre’s projectionist used to be an essential part of the business. Their mastery of the equipment made a trip to the movies possible. A series of photos by Joseph O. Holmes documents the remains of a dying profession.

The Booth is a project exploring the people, places, and processes behind the last remaining holdouts of analogue film projection. Holmes visited theatres in the north-eastern United States for the project. His striking portrayals of tiny dim rooms, scattered equipment, and reels of celluloid seem ancient even though it was only a few years ago that theatres started to convert to digital projection systems en masse.

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There are still projection rooms up and running here and there despite the digital revolution. Some believe that the experience of viewing a projected film is a unique and valuable one that deserves preservation. Here's to hoping that future generations will be able to feel the warm flicker of film -- somewhere.

The complete gallery can be viewed here. [via FastCo]