The Powerful UltraPixel Camera Inside The HTC One, HTC One mini

Picking a smartphone with a good camera is important. You might be snapping a picture of your friends at a party, taking an arty photo for Instagram or Flickr, or recording a quick video of an amazing sunset. You use your phone's camera all the time. That’s why the UltraPixel camera inside the HTC One and HTC One mini is such a revelation.

Better Quality In Every Scene

HTC’s UltraPixel technology is different to other smartphone cameras. Other cameras cram megapixels by the dozen onto their imaging sensors, making each pixel incredibly tiny — and not very sensitive to light.

The UltraPixel camera on the HTC One and HTC One mini has just as large an imaging sensor as other smartphone cameras, but its large pixels — twice as large as most competitors — mean much better performance in low light, as well as capturing more detail in the darker areas of even well-lit photos.

Despite this extra detail, the HTC One’s photos take up less space on your phone. HTC's ImageChip 2 keeps file sizes small while maintaining excellent quality. There’s room for over 30,000 photos, or three hours of Full HD video, on the 32GB HTC One. And you can automatically upload your photos to HTC Share or Dropbox to save space.

A Super-Fast, Wide, Shake-Free Lens

The HTC One and HTC One mini have some of the biggest smartphone lens aperture on the market, with a f/2.0 lens that lets in 44 per cent more light than the f/2.4 lens of the iPhone 5 and other smartphones. This means that in equal lighting, the HTC One captures pictures quicker than its competitors, with a faster shutter speed that means less camera shake and no blurry photos.

If you do find yourself in bad lighting, though, the larger HTC One’s optical image stabilisation means you can capture a photo where other phones just can’t. OIS makes it easier to take a clear photo in dim light, using a gyroscope to hold the lens still when you’re taking a photo — even if your hands are shaky.

The combination of UltraPixel sensor, super-fast lens and optical image stabilisation means the HTC One’s camera is leagues ahead of its competitors for taking photos in all kinds of lighting conditions.

HTC Zoe: The Best Camera App Around

A good smartphone camera isn’t great without an app that lets it perform its best. HTC’s camera app on the HTC One and HTC One mini lets you take photos, film videos and edit them all in one place.

With the HTC One’s camera app, there’s no need to switch between photo and video modes, or to hunt through a list of settings to change between cameras. Simply swipe across the screen to switch between the rear UltraPixel and the front 2.1-megapixel camera, and tap either the photo or video button whenever you want.

If you do want to change settings, it’s easy. There’s a list of scene modes to choose, different photo crop styles, manual controls, and a huge range of live filters so you can see what your photo will look like before you take it.

The HTC One has an HDR mode for dramatic, super-detailed photos, a burst mode that can snap eight full photos per second, and a Sequence Shot that lets you stitch multiple action photos into one frame — everything you could need in one app.

If we had to pick a favourite, we’d say the killer feature of the HTC One is Zoe.

Zoe is a 3-second photo hybrid, where about 20 photos are captured in quick succession and stitched together into a video clip. After you’ve made your Zoe, you can watch it as a looping movie, share it, or scroll through and save your favourite moment as its own photo. Zoe on the HTC One brings life to an otherwise still frame.

Try out Zoe on the HTC One and HTC One mini’s UltraPixel camera at HTC Australia’s website.

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