The Pilgrim Report: Watch This Awesome Aussie Short Film Shot In Just One Week

Samsung and NIDA recently invited 10 talented filmmakers, actors, designers and cinematographers from all over the nation to come together and make a short film. In six days, they managed to come up with a short film about an expedition to Mars with VFX that will blow you away. This is The Pilgrim Report.

The Pilgrim Report is the result of six days of hard work. Organised by Samsung and run through NIDA, these 10 young Australians were coached by some of the best actors and set designers our country has ever produced, as well as director Baz Luhrmann of Australia, Strictly Ballroom and The Great Gatsby fame.

The short film tells the story of a three-person expedition to Mars, and follows the crew as they learn that the decision has been made not to bring them home.

Samsung tells us that the film is about encouraging people to be creative and go out and make stuff. You'd be astounded with what can be done in six days, after all.

Enjoy! [Samsung: The Shoot]

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