The Latest Google Glass App We'd Actually Use: A Real-Life Colour Picker

So we get that it's the perfect tool for capturing skydiving stunts, but as innovative as Google Glass seems, we're only slowly starting to see other ways it can be useful to the average user. And, of all companies, paint maker Sherwin-Williams has come up with a rather clever use for the enhanced specs: as a real-life version of Photoshop's colour-picking eye dropper tool.

The company's new ColorSnap Glass app, which has previously been available on other mobile devices, lets bleeding edge early adopters quickly and easily capture the colour palette of whatever they're looking at. The app automatically sends an image to Sherwin-Williams' servers where the primary colours are detected and matched to shades of paint in the company's product line.

The functionality is similar to versions of the app on other devices, but with Google Glass it's much easier to capture a scene and then proof the colours that Sherwin-Williams sends back against what you're still looking at — to ensure the exact tint you're after has been found. It's of course also far easier than painting and re-painting a room until you find the exact shade you're after. [Sherwin-Williams via Taxi via Mashable]

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