Take Over Richard Branson’s Private Island For Just $60,000 A Night

There are rich people. There are multimillionaires. And then there’s Richard Branson. The forever-young fellow is a cartoon character of a billionaire with everything from his own space tourism company to his own private island. But it’s cool, because he’s willing to share.

Necker Island, Branson’s private retreat in the British Virgin Islands, recently reopened to public — or at least the very wealthy public. Portions of the island had been closed since a fire engulfed the Great House after a lightning storm in 2011. You might remember that one from the headlines about Kate Winslet heroically saving Branson’s elderly mother from the flames.

But now it’s back! You can now rent out the entire island for 30 adults and up to six children. You’ll have access to the newly renovated Great House and its 10 bedrooms as well as six adorable one bedroom houses around the island.

There’s also a tennis court, a freshwater pool, a sexy jacuzzi, two private beaches, a personal chef and a staff of up to 60.

You’ll even get unlimited drinks, alcoholic and otherwise. The price? Just $US60,000 a night.

When you do the maths, that’s only $US2000 per person per night. Not a bad deal considering the, uh, ocean is so nice and, errmm, it’s so private, but, hmmmm –you know what? It’s actually prohibitively, insultingly expensive. It’s Larry Page expensive. Still pretty though! [Virgin via Gizmag]