South Park Might As Well Have Just Nailed Foxtel To The Wall

I don't mean to alarm you, readers, but some of the best shows on TV are being kept from us. Not everybody can afford Foxtel, which means subscribing to the basic package and paying extra just for the one premium channel that airs Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad is out of the question for people who dislike wasting money. Thankfully, Matt Stone and Trey Parker feel our pain, and nailed cable networks to the wall in this sketch.

This one is from season 17 in an episode called "Informative Murder Porn". The guys only want to pay for the pay TV channels they'll actually watch, rather than having to deal with all the bundled crap they end up getting.

Sound familiar?

I wonder if Foxtel reps ever end up acting like these douchebags do when you call to complain. Gross.

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