Saw's Jigsaw Is A Terrible Flatmate

What would it be like living with a serial killer? Decidedly not good, you would imagine. But let's say that the serial killer was more of a serial pest and instead of being human-sized, they were more... hand-puppet proportioned. So, less death and more screwing around with you.

Still not keen on having them as a flatmate? That's OK, I'm not surprised.

The humorous clip, put together by the collective known as HandleBatMustacheLand, gives us a look at what living with Jigsaw of Saw fame might be like. Instead of there being, well, lots of dying, Jigsaw strings together a series of semi-elaborate, moderately annoying schemes involving mouse traps, disposable plastic razors, overflowing toilets and BLOOD WINE (not the cool Klingon kind, sadly).

I think, by the end of it, death would be preferable to spending another minute with this guy. At least he'd be good for a laugh before you did yourself in.

[YouTube, via Neatorama]

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