Samsung’s First Galaxy Gear Spot Looks A Lot Like An iPhone Ad

Sure, tech ads repeat the same tropes over and over and over. But as The Week points out, Samsung’s first ad for Galaxy Gear is strikingly similar to Apple’s first ad for the iPhone.

Samsung’s spot premiered yesterday during Sunday’s NFL games. It walks you through all the times we’ve seen fancy watches crop up in TV and pop culture — from the George Jetson’s wristwear to Dick Tracy’s watch, and so on. With LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great” playing along in the background, it reeks of nostalgia. Kind of like Apple’s first iPhone ad, which premiered in 2007 during the Academy Awards and showed people using phones on iconic shows and movies like I Love Lucy, American Beauty, and other classics.

Samsung has ragged on Apple in TV ads before, so it’s not much of a surprise that it’s — ahem — borrowing from Cupertino again. Too similar? We’ll let you decide. [The Week, @Blakeley]