Samsung And LG Planning Flexible Screens In Coming Weeks

We've already got curved TVs, but how about getting a curved phone in your pocket? LG and Samsung are both racing to beat each other to the punch over the new flexible screen tech, which some sources say could come as early as this week.

Reuters is reporting today that LG is set to announce a curved screen for its mobile devices in the coming weeks, which could pave the way for smarter, more flexible wearables in future.

Report: LG Has A Curved, Flexible-Screened Smartphone In Production

South Korean news agencies, however, are reporting that South Korean rival, Samsung, could have flexible display tech announced as early as this week in something that's being touted as the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Report: Samsung Phone With Curved Display Coming In October

Both phones would likely be for the South Korean markets, but given the global interest in these devices, it's a fair bet we'd see them sold elsewhere too. [Reuters]

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