Re-Inventing The Wheel: Engineering A Car Into A Beautiful, Organic Machine

A bunch of tweakers, engineers and builders make their own cars from scratch, but when they're finished, they're often just shinier versions of their factory-built brothers and sisters. Joey Ruiter instead wanted to make a car for the sake of making a car. Shunning personal conveniences, Joey managed to make this beautiful buggy a fire-spitting mean machine.

It's called the Reboot Buggy.

Joey was obsessed with creating something free from conformity to creature comforts like radio, USB, air conditioning and even a front-mounted engine.

What he ended up making was almost like a redux Batmobile: a flame-spitting buggy that can jump, run and roam like a true beach-basher, yet roll on the road like an ordinary Jeep or Hummer.

It's a thing of beauty.

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