Overhead Cams Replace Bored Humans In Honda’s Driverless Valet System

If worrying about your vehicle and personal possessions has always made you hesitant about using valet parking, Honda will alleviate your fears with a new system that replaces clumsy valet drivers with overhead tracking cameras and software smart enough to juggle an entire lot full of cars.

First and foremost, the system does require a vehicle to be equipped with electronics that allow it to drive itself remotely, but after that the technology in use here is actually fairly basic. Overhead video cameras covering the lot — like those already in use for security — can detect when someone drops a vehicle off to be parked. And this overhead footage, in conjunction with live feeds from a car’s backup camera, allows the system to safely manoeuvre it around a crowded lot and into a spot.

And because the software that decides and keeps track of where vehicles get parked can see everything going on in a lot at once, it’s able to accurately plot out safe routes for vehicles that eliminates the risk of collisions. So not only is your vehicle guaranteed to be returned without a scratch on it, there’s also no one you need to tip. [DigInfo TV]