Not For The Squeamish: Man Creates Art By Squirting Paint From His Eyes

You know the classic gag of firing liquids from your eyes? OK, so we're not all blessed (or cursed) with this ability and it's not something you can pull out at every party you attend. But what if you could make a pretty penny by painting pictures with this, uh, skill? Would it be more socially acceptable? Watch the faces of the spectators in the video above and you can be the judge.

What you're seeing is Argentinean artist Leandro Granato demonstrate his unique talent, which involves stuffing paint up his nose and then ejecting it from his eyes. Whether the resulting artwork is up to snuff (excuse the pun) is up to the individual, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with one of these on my wall, knowing how it was made and trying to describe the process to friends.

According to a story on Metro, Granato's pieces can fetch up to £1500, proving once again that people will buy just about anything.

Seriously though, if you can make a living doing this, well done.

[Vimeo, via Metro]

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