Neurocam Analyses Your Brainwaves To Take Photos For You

Pressing a button is so 20th century. And winking or asking Google Glass to do it for you seems like quite a lot of effort too. So, for the truly lazy, Neurocam analyses your brainwaves to work out when you want a picture taken.

Demoed at Japan’s Human Sensing 2013 conference, Neurocam uses brainwave sensors to gauge your interest on what’s happening around you. Judging on a scale of 0 to 100 — they don’t say exactly how that scale works, sadly — it will start recording video when the value tops 60. That footage is then turned into a 5-second GIF, reports DigInfo.

Oddly, it uses your iPhone as the basis of its image acquisition power, but teams it up with a headband which includes the brain wave sensor. The camera then faces a prism to allow it to capture images in your line of sight, rather than… the side of your head. It’s clearly a rather clunky design, but it’s a neat idea — especially if you think of it as proof of concept rather than a mass-market product. How do you feel about your devices responding to your each and every thought? [DigInfo]