NBN Supporters To Take The Fight To Malcolm Turnbull

Hundreds and thousands of concerned citizens baying for fibre-to-the-premises signed a Change.org petition recently, only to have it ignored by fibre-to-the-node fan and new Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. After the aforementioned petition was quickly dismissed by the minister as the rabble from disgruntled election-losers, new protests were considered. Now a plan to get a full-page ad onto Malcolm Turnbull's local newspaper has just got over the line in a new crowdfunding campaign.

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The Wentworth Courier is the News Limited-owned paper distributed in Malcolm Turnbull's electorate, and thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign which achieved its $15,000 goal this morning, the paper will soon be plastered with pro-FTTP advertising.

The campaign aims to influence Malcolm Turnbull by taking the fight to his electorate of Wentworth. It's hoped that by fighting the campaign for an FTTP NBN on his home turf will get the safe Liberal seat thinking about the technology.

The majority of Australians support fibre to the premises; it’s better for business, regional Australians, and people of every political stripe. Help us launch an advertising campaign to show Malcolm Turnbull he must hear us on this.
Right now, Malcolm Turnbull’s conducting a major review of the NBN - it’s a critical time where he’s thinking through his options. Initially, he only backed fibre to the node, but he’s now saying he's open to a range of technologies. This shows he is listening, a little at least, and we have a window to influence his decision.
Imagine him waking up and seeing our message - that Australians support an FTTP NBN - on the front of his local newspaper in the middle of his driveway. On the way to the office, it’ll be in front of every door he passes, and by the time he gets there - it’ll be in thousands of households across his electorate. Before his first appointment, he’ll have seen clearly that thousands of Australians are asking for him to get this right.

It's being run by the same team that set up SaveTheNBN.com, and needless to say, they're pretty pleased about the success of the crowdfunding project so far. So much so that they'll now begin targeting other Liberal electorates with the pro-NBN newspaper ads:

I woke up this morning to see over $13,000 in support, and nearly spit the corn flakes out! This campaign has so much potential.
In less than 24 hours we’ve already broken our original target — that’s awesome — if you’ve just got here, please keep contributing so we can build a campaign that targets new marginal seat MPs in their local media as well as Mr Turnbull himself. Let’s keep fighting for a Fibre to the Premises future.


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