Malcolm Turnbull: I'm A Smartphone Tragic

Malcolm Turnbull loves his smartphone. So much so, in fact, that he's happy to describe himself in public as a 'smartphone tragic'.

In a speech at a PayPal small business event in Sydney this morning, Turnbull confessed to his "tragic" addiction to his smartphone (he's an iOS man):

I have three devices which I engage on the internet with: a smartphone and a tablet and a laptop. I would say that at least half of all of that engagement is done on the smartphone, and the reason for that is it's in your pocket 24 hours.

Given the size of some of Turnbull's previous global roaming bills, that's not exactly surprising. Turnbull couldn't resist following that remark with a swipe at the implementation of the national Broadband Network (NBN) under the previous government:

And this is where saying none of the joys of the internet are available on the NBN is just so much nonsense.

This was picking up on a theme from earlier in his speech:

A very important point of distinction [between the Coalition and Labor] is that we recognise that the digital economy and ecommerce and all of the opportunities related thereto are not solely connected to the NBN. One of the problems that the Labor government grappled with is having committed themselves to such a huge project with so little homework in a very contentious way they then had to seek to justify it all the time. Everything that was said about the digital space was said in a way that sougt to justify the NBN. The government would say "ecommerce! fantastic! this will be enabled by the NBN. It was as though none of the benefits of the Internet would be available to you other than through the government's NBN and that was always so much nonsense.

Turnbull wouldn't comment in detail on how the current NBN review is progressing, but did add this:

It isn't rocket science. It's the sort of thing that any rational business person would do presented with a project like this.

We merely hope the lack of rocket science doesn't mean a lack of fibre.

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