Lomography's New Lens Kit Turns Your Mirrorless Camera Into A Fun Toy

Lomography, maker of your favourite retro plastic film cameras, is diving into the world of digital with a new package of three experimental lenses for micro four thirds mirrorless cameras. The photos look pretty incredible, even if they're not exactly "high quality".

The three-lens kit includes a fisheye for creating wonky, 160-degree point-of-view shots, a wide-angle 12mm lens, as well as a 24mm lens. Probably the coolest feature on the optics is a mechanical shutter on the lenses themselves that lets you create real, optical multiple exposures with your digital camera. Just set your micro four thirds shooter's shutter speed to something long — the new Olympus EM-1 goes up to 60 seconds — and then open and close the mechanical shutter. The results are super fun:

Lomography's New Lens Kit Turns Your Mirrorless Camera Into a Fun Toy

Keep in mind that these are toy camera lenses — they're Lomo, after all — so they're not going to have fancy glass or specs, but that also means that the whole set costs only $US90. At that price, there's basically no reason not to own them. [Lomography]

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