Leap Motion Now Being Sold Exclusively Through Dick Smith

Leap Motion Now Being Sold Exclusively Through Dick Smith

In a move that will hopefully bring desktop gesture control gear to the masses, Dick Smith has today announced it will exclusively sell the Leap Motion controller cheaper than you’d be able to buy it online. Death to the Australia Tax!

The Leap Motion is a tiny optical motion controller that enables gesture controls on your PC or Mac, shaped like an oversized USB mass storage device with silver edges and a weird little connector on the left hand side. The top is black yet slightly transparent to reveal the trackers underneath, and it’s bevelled in a sleek silver. The only way you’ll ever know it’s on is a little green light at the front or a discreet red light up the top.

It’s really no larger than a fun-size Crunchie bar, for example, but this thing will sit on your desk and track your hands as they wave above it and use that motion to control various apps.

It was previously only available online for the price of $104.99 plus $32.99 for shipping, but from today, Dick Smith will be carrying it in its 270 stores and online for $129.95. While $8 isn’t much of a saving, it’s a clear indication that we’re making some progress in killing off the Australia Tax.

Check out our hands-on with the Leap Motion to see the cool stuff you can get up to.